Multi Dimensional Healing

As a holistic health practitioner and a physical therapist for the past 30 + years I use a multi-dimensional approach to support the body’s natural propensity for healing & homeostasis on a structural, metabolic and energetic level through the use of various assessments and rebalancing modalities.

I blend  what is often referred to as "energy medicine” with functional medicine to address most metabolic imbalances as well as use various bodywork based modalities to address most structural issues.

• One aspect of my work deals with structural issues like aches and pains, stiffness, injuries and limitations of movements.
After doing a structural, postural and range of motion assessment I may use any combination of the following hands on soft tissue bodywork and physical therapy techniques such as Bowen Therapy, Bio-Kinetics Health System, Total Motion Release, Stretching Therapy and /or Touch For Health. For additional pain relief & relaxation , to deal with inflammation or stimulate tissue healing I may add the use of low level laser therapy , Infratonic 8000 and/or Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation ( BEMER ). Both the Infratonic 8000 and BEMER use pulsed electro magnetic fields.

• The other aspect of my work addresses most metabolic related issues blending  what is often referred to as "energy medicine” with functional medicine.
The functional medicine model provides a framework of how all body systems interact with one another and how to look for and find the underlying root cause(s) of  imbalances rather than just dealing with  surface symptoms. To do this I use a combination of assessment tools (metabolic questionnaires,
functional blood chemistry & saliva hormone panels , kinesiology testing and / or the Asyra a state of the art computerized electrodermal screening / EAV testing device) to help sort out imbalances between the different body systems  causing most metabolic imbalances ( adrenals, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances),  energy & sleep, blood sugar regulation, moods & brain function, nervous system, immune & autoimmune issues and digestion.

To reestablish healthy metabolism I use several neuro-energetic healing modalities ("energy medicine” ) such as Total Body Modification (TBM) ,  Natural Healing System (NHS) and Bio-Dynamic Resonance Technique (BDR), Bio-Kinetics Health System as well as  lifestyle & dietary modifications, and / or targeted nutritional & homeopathic remedies.

NHS and BDR use  quantum matrix resonance programmed vials in combination with kinesiology (muscle testing) to communicate with the body innate self healing wisdom. The quantum matrix resonance programmed vials access the body’s bio-computer and optimize its ability to reorganize and heal.  The vials act like computer software repair programs and reference signals for the human body.  These programs are introduced into the body’s external energy field to allow the body’s own wisdom to access and optimize all which it used to know, in order to self-heal. Using these quantum matrix resonance programmed vials we can both assess as well as rebalance most metabolic , endocrine and immune related issues as well as address the energetic, mental, emotional and even spiritual dimensions.

D     I     S     C     L     A     I     M     E     R

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