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Functional disturbances and ill health
A vast majority of people who seek help from both conventional and alternative health care practitioners suffer from what is often called functional disturbances. They can experience a myriad of ill health symptoms from fatigue, headaches, constipation, sleep disturbances, skin break outs, digestive problems, nervousness, aches and pain, allergies, increased susceptibility to colds and flu, general lack of pep, ... but when primary care practitioners order lab work and other pathological diagnostic tests they may all come back negative, no specific organ or pathology can be identified and they're being told that nothing is wrong with them.
Traditional Chinese Medicine and other traditional forms of medicine believe that ill health will start on an energetic level (pre-clinical stage) before it becomes a disease that structurally affect body tissues and organs (clinical stage).
This is where 3D Energetics can fill in the gap and help identify energetic and functional disturbances that precede a clinical stage disease when the body due to internal or external stresses looses its ability to maintain homeostasis (state of balance) and can't any longer compensate adequately for changes in its internal or external environment.
3D Energetics has been shown effective in correcting preclinical disorders as well as very helpful as a complementary modality in reducing or even reversing pathological stage disease.

What is 3D Energetics ?
3D Energetics is a cutting edge multi dimensional monitoring system for the bio-energetic/meridian complex of the body. This complete testing system offers a unique look at over 10 bio-energetic benchmarks such as the 3D Organ meridian scale to check organ energy , the 3D Emotions multilayer test to uncover emotional causal factors of disease or emotional layers which may block healing , the 3D Foundational score to assess stress in digestive organs and need for enzymes, the 3D Hormone Resonance to evaluate the energetic response to endocrine function, the 3D Energetics evaluation for allergies/sensitivities/intolerances to foods and environmental factors. Depending on the degree or depth of disturbance in each area, specific homeopathic remedies, flower essences, nutritional formulas, enzymes, allergy and emotional clearing protocols will be determined.
This system can be performed manually with Muscle Testing using test vials of various energetic resonances and potencies, or with the assistance of the Asyra a state of the art computerized electrodermal screening / EAV testing device.

The 3D system utilizes a series of scores that serve as gauges or guides, which in turn provide "bio-energetic markers" that will give narrow as well as global views of the body/meridian systems. Progress will be monitored by comparing scores obtained on follow up visits with the ones from the initial assessment.

It will not only find the problem areas, but also the degree or depth of disturbance in each area and how they correlate with each other. This information is then used to establish a causal chain picture of underlying factors. Rebalancing will focus on primary organ disturbance and not chase symptomatic manifestations.

What follows is a short description of some of the 3D Energetics testing protocols

- 3D IBS or Integrated Bioenergetic Score: It evaluates energetic/meridian related toxic and / or energetic stress and interference, yang stress (pro-inflammatory) responses, and yin stress (pro-degenerative) responses. These findings are then correlated with the most stressed and primary organ/meridian needing rebalancing and support. Organs are assessed on a five point scale for comparison and to track improvement. This information will help in the selection of the best rebalancing herbal/nutritional formulas or dietary plans for the individual.
- 3D Foundational scores: This 4 part series of scores relates to the level of energetic stress involving the organ meridian pathways associated with the “liver and gut” (digestive tract). This is related to Liver phase I and phase II detoxification processes, as well as evaluating the energetic aspects of intestinal malabsorbsion and active transport. These scores will assist in determining the potential need for specific digestive enzymes to optimize digestion and enhance detoxification.
3D Emotional Layering: This technique allows for a multi-layered energetic evaluation of mental stressors and assist in selecting the best flower essence for support and rebalancing from a causal level. This can be coupled with some emotional release techniques that involves re-patterning of the nervous system utilizing acupoints when indicated.
3D ATS (allergy-toxicity-sensitivity) score: This test is used to help energetically identify the primary environmental toxins and differentiate their effects on the body, whether it is an allergic (histaminic response) or a toxicity response.
3D ASI (allergy-sensitivity-intolerance) score: This test is used to help energetically identify the primary foods that produce a reaction in the body and to differentiate if that response is an allergy (histaminic response), a sensitivity response (yin sensitivity), or an intolerance (miasm/genetic predisposition). This information is very important to consider when choosing a treatment plan. Specific remedies can be identified during this testing process. Energy re-patterning techniques can be applied in order to alter one's response to the irritants that were identified during testing.
- 3D Hormone Scale: is a five point energetic scale designed to help identify any areas of hormonal stress and to prioritize them. This also provides an alternative way to choose appropriate nutritional supplements or homeopathic remedies.
Summary 3D Energetics provides a well organized, integrative approach to identifying energetic disturbances on multiple levels as well as, providing direction in prioritizing the body's specific needs while taking the guess work out of choosing remedies, supplements, supporting modalities, etc. It also serves as an “instrument panel” of gauges that monitor response to therapy.
I have found 3D Energetics extremely helpful at helping people suffering from a multitude of ill health symptoms that can be hard to link to a specific cause.
It is a great approach for people who are pro-active with their health and are interested in optimizing their overall state of health and believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
I have found the combination of 3D Energetics ,
TBM , BDR and NHS to be extremely powerful approaches to helping people plagued by lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and many complex and multi facetted conditions affecting multiple organs and body systems.

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