Multi Dimensional Healing


Developed by Dr. Victor Frank, this sophisticated system of testing and rebalancing enables the practitioner to discover imbalances or blockages impairing optimum health and function.
Using kinesiology (simple muscle testing) we can evaluate individual internal organs as well as body systems and then by stimulating specific reflex points located along the spine correct imbalances , reseting functional physiology.

TBM can help uncover when an organ is what causes a musculoskeletal problem as there is a connection between specific muscles and internal organs.
TBM is very useful in combination with dietary adjustments to balance blood sugar metabolism and improve water utilization.
Neurological function, thinking, concentration and memory can be enhanced.
Immune system response to fight infections (virus, bacteria, parasites) can be strengthened.
Other reported benefits include improved sleep quality, greater energy flow through the body, enhanced digestion and circulation and emotional well being.

Some of TBM's forte that I have found invaluable in my practice are:
• Optimizing the body’s response to: chemicals, foods, medications, vaccines, pathogens and allergens.
• Immune system strengthening: Working with many people dealing with chronic fatigue due to the Epstein-Barr virus or mononucleosis, chronic low grade bacterial infections , lyme disease or other chronic infections from various types of pathogens (virus, bacteria, yeast, parasites), I have found that 99% of the time the immune system is turned off, even if the person is very sick and experience many symptoms. The immune system seems to be oblivious of the pathogens responsible for the infection and is not doing anything to fight it. It is similar to being exposed to a constant background noise like living close to a busy street or a freeway, after a while you don't even hear it, your brain stop registering that constant noise in the background, the same happens with your immune system after being exposed to a chronic infection.
Without a functional immune system one can take all the medicine available (allopathic medications, nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies) but healing is bound to be slow at best and most likely will fail. This is where TBM is an invaluable tool as it enables the practitioner to turn back on and fine tune the various parts of the immune system (thymus, spleen, various T. cells, ...) to a specific pathogen so that the immune system finally recognizes that there is an infection going on, identify which pathogen is responsible for it and go after it.
I have found the combination of TBM, Natural Healing and Bio-Dynamic Resonance to be extremely powerful approaches to help people plagued by various stealth infections that drained their health and often went unrecognized for years like it is often the case with lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and such complex and multi facetted conditions affecting many organs and body systems.

Natural Healing System (NHS)
Developed by Dr. Randall Frank, the son of Dr. Victor Frank, NHS foundation is in TBM but evolved using special programmed vials similar to computer programs. By using kinesiology (simple muscle testing) , the body through resonance will indicate which of these programmed vials would be helpful to restore balance on a physical, mental/emotional or energetic level. Making corrections using these vials are similar to downloading specific software into the body’s bio-computer. These programs will then run in the background making multiple corrections to optimize health on all levels.

Bio-Dynamic Resonance Technique (BDR)
BDR use  quantum matrix resonance programmed vials in combination with kinesiology (muscle testing) to communicate with the body innate self healing wisdom. The quantum matrix resonance programmed vials access the body’s bio-computer and optimize its ability to reorganize and heal.  The vials act like computer software repair programs and reference signals for the human body.  These programs are introduced into the body’s external energy field to allow the body’s own wisdom to access and optimize all which it used to know, in order to self-heal.
Using these quantum matrix resonance programmed vials we can both assess as well as rebalance most metabolic , endocrine and immune related issues as well as address the physical/structural, energetic, mental, emotional and even spiritual dimensions.

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