Multi Dimensional Healing


TFT is an easy, fast and effective way to address the psycho-emotional realm. It can be very effective to help people who are stuck and seem to not heal because of psychological reasons. Often 1 session is enough to treat/cure a phobia for example! The other great thing is that it is possible and easy to treat oneself for a lot of conditions. This system is composed of procedures that consist on tapping on certain acupuncture points that are connected with certain types of emotions. By tapping on these points, we are able to cleanse the emotional energetic charge that is connected with a particular situation or event that is the source of stress, fear, anxiety, pain and sorrow, anger, rage, that at the end of the treatment we are able to be neutral and non-affected in front of this particular situation or event or while remembering anything traumatic that happened in the past.. From this neutral place we can look at a traumatic situation and just say, "yes it happened" and move on with our life.
For more information on TFT and to give it a try right here and now, I invite you to visit the following web sites for more information:
here to try a self help protocol you can use to clear stress, anxiety, simple phobia, fear and trauma.
Roger Callahan is the founder of this system. You can check his site at: where you can download the Self-help protocol for Trauma with an excerpt from "Stop the Nightmares of Trauma," by Roger & Joanne Callahan. Those seeking self-help procedures for other problems such as anxiety, stress, over-indulgence and fears, can consult "Tapping the Healer Within".
"Energy Tapping" by Fred Gallo & Harry Vincenzi at Harbinger publications. This is a great self help book on TFT that I recommend. It is very well presented and organized by type of emotional category such as: fears and anxiety, trauma, phobia, anger, eating disorders, sports performance, …. For more information check


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