Multi Dimensional Healing


Is based on recent discoveries in neurology. One of them is that the brain functions much like a battery, storing energy generated by specialized nerve cells called neuro-receptors which are found everywhere in the body in joints, muscles, tendons, skin and internal organs. These neuro-receptors are activated and stimulated constantly through our daily activities, they produce energy that is stored by the brain then distributed to the rest of the body to keep us alive and maintain proper function. Another discovery is that the whole nervous system function like an interconnected communication network made of nerve pathways where virtually all parts are constantly in feedback with all other parts. The brain and especially the thalamus act as a major switchboard in this interconnected communication network coordinating and integrating all activities. Neuro-receptors can become dysfunctional due to injuries, surgeries, cuts and a lot of other things. The more dysfunctional neuro-receptors there are throughout the body, the less energy is produced and available and the more distorted information will circulate in the communication network impairing proper function of the body as a whole. This will translate as loss of vitality and function on all levels (energetic, physical, biochemical, emotional).
The primary purpose of BK is to reset and restore proper neuro-receptor function re-establishing normal communication pathways in the network. BK uses an original protocol of stressing, evaluating and clearing neuro-receptors by stimulating a specific point located at the base of the skull that directly affect the thalamus (the network switchboard).

The BK process can be used to:
• clear dysfunction due to physical trauma and stimulate healing (scars, punctures, sprains, surgeries, fractures, loss of function throughout the musculoskeletal system, ...)
• clear neuro-immune dysfunction (chemical, food and environmental sensitivities)
• clear neuro-emotional dysfunction (traumatic memories, negative feelings, phobia, fears, unhealed emotional scars, ...)
• clear electromagnetic imbalances due to the exposure to electromagnetic fields (computers, cellular phone, power lines, fluorescent lighting, radio waves, radar, micro-wave, transformers, electric wiring in the house,...) which all affect negatively our nervous and energetic system. For more information, visit

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