Multi Dimensional Healing

" Stretching is too often the missing link to optimal fitness and health, and is most often overlooked when dealing with the limiting effect of old injuries"

Patrik Rousselot HHP, PT, CBT has been using his total body approach to Stretching Therapy in his practice since 1980. He has developed a whole body approach of stretching and postural re-education called Total Body Stretching. He specialized in customizing therapeutic stretching programs for a wide range of people from the injured and inactive to the professional athletes who want to improve their performance. He was featured in "Shape" magazine in the December 1993 issue as one of the few personal stretch trainers in the country.

The unique form of physical therapy that I use, which originated in France is based on individualized total body stretching postures. Through an evaluation that assesses each muscle group throughout the body, it is possible to identify patterns of muscle tension and imbalances that can be the perpetrating cause of a multitude of musculoskeletal complaints ranging from "ordinary" aches and pains to acute lower back, sciatica or chronic neck & shoulder tension. Muscle imbalance and tightness are often, not to say always a contributing factor to back problems, sports related injuries and re-injuries. These patterns of muscle imbalances often prevent the body from being able to recover from injuries.

After an evaluation of all your major muscle groups and testing specific range of motions, I can custom design a corrective rebalancing stretching program that, once learned, can be continued independently. Total body stretching can be used therapeutically, preventively for well-being, to slow down or reverse the aging process of the musculo-skeletal system or to maximize athletic performances.

By stretching regularly you will be able to:
* Correct your muscle imbalances
* Increase your overall flexibility and general feeling of well being
* Prevent injuries and minimize or correct the limiting effect of old ones
* Release or prevent neck pain, back pain, stiffness, sciatica and repetitive stress injuries
* Reduce recovery time after workouts and increase your athletic performances
* Undo the build-up of muscular tensions due to daily stress & activities
* Improve your posture

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