Multi Dimensional Healing

"I first met Patrik a few years ago to seek help for out of control H1AC and then later for fatigue that was debilitating. Fatigue turned out to be a major hormonal issue. In both these occasions western medicine doctors did not have a clue except to give pills or inject hormones. Underline issues were subtle, which Patrik was able to identify with meticulous approaches and address effectively. I first met Patrik while he was in FairFax CA and then continued to consult him after he relocated to France. He is just as effective as being local while located in France."
T.S from SF Bay area

Patrik was the first professional in my thirty years of searching and suffering that actually properly understood and addressed my digestive issues.  I will be forever grateful to him.  He is the real deal.  He is not only brilliant he is also compassionate, caring and sincerely concerned.  I cannot recommend him enough.  Best gift you can give yourself. 
Julie M., Kensington CA

Thanks so much for all your help through the years. It’s made a tremendous difference to my health. I don’t believe I would feel as good as I do today without my sessions with you.
Dia S. Morro Bay, CA

It is hard to find words to describe the power of Patrik’s work. The work is subtle, but the effect is truly transformative. I came to Patrik struggling with intense perimenopause symptoms, crashes a week before and after my period. I had worked intensely with a naturopath over the course of a year and spent a lot of money to no avail. I was looking for my next step when a friend told me about Patrik and the unusual work he does. I respected the friend, (and others I had heard who saw Patrik), and decided to take the long drive out to Fairfax to see him. Worth it 100%. I would highly recommend Patrik, especially, to people who have tried other approaches that haven’t worked. He worked to address underlying issues that he was able to assess using my body’s own intelligence. In this way, he was able to work “surgically”, honing in on the core issues rather than a scattershot approach that other, less intuitive practitioners might use. The impact? I feel better than I have in over a year. My mediations are deeper, I have greater capacity to function less reactively, and my transition through difficult parts of my cycle are much improved. Finally, though, it is Patrik’s countenance that really makes working with him a pleasure. He is sincere and compassionate and his commitment to your health and well-being is palpable, even in e-mail exchanges. A truly remarkable practitioner whom I highly recommend to work with, especially on ‘difficult-to-treat’ ailments.
K.S., Berkeley, CA

I was suffering with vertigo for over 10 months . Holding walls as I walked, bed spinning and moving through life at a snails pace. 
After a few sessions with Patrik we addressed chemtrails. When we cleared the chemtrails from my energy field and body the vertigo left. 
Also, a reoccurring bladder infection was cured after one session with Patrik as well. He asked me the name of the infection and he had the vial for it. We cleared it and I took a supplement . Within 3 days it was gone. This prevented another round of antibiotics which are toxic . My doctor was impressed!! The infection did not return. 
I would highly recommend Patrik as a focused master in his field. 
E.C. California 

Thank you, Patrik! I
can't tell you how much better I've been feeling, yesterday and today, energy and digestive-wise, and how much my appetite/food tolerance has increased - I'd been having an almost impossible time with fresh fruits and vegetables, especially, and that has now changed for the better, much to my relief.
Cheyenne S. from San Francisco East Bay

Out of the 23 years I have been seeing healthcare practitioners (including NDs, herbalists, chiropractors, energy workers, MDs etc), you are by far the most thorough! It is very refreshing! I would really like my husband to see you. I raved about you (which I never do when I come back from "health-related appointment").
Beth M. from Marin County CA

I give thanks for my sister referring me to you, and for your exceptional variety of skills and compassionate care.
Sandy W. from San Francisco South Bay, CA

I have tried to stop addictions for over 10 years without success. I'm writing to let you know of my wellness. Since seeing you I have been on a life changing healing journey, physical, emotional & spiritual and have let go of addictions to alcohol, marijuana and tobacco going on three months now. I have taken extended time off work to detox and needed to stay close to home.
The support I received from you and supplements prescribed helped me gain strength for this transition.
I'm finishing up on products and most of my symptoms are gone. I'm regaining vitality not felt for years.
With appreciation and gratitude.
Leslie S. from Santa Cruz CA

Thank you so much for changing my life and healing me from so many ailments.  I feel like I can live again!
Christina J. from Marin County CA

Despite my healthy lifestyle, I feel like I'm learning to eat all over again! Next, I want to say THANK YOU. Not only for your patience in answering all my questions, but for being such a powerful healer. In just a few days, I'm already digesting my meals better…what a relief to not feel so uncomfortable after every single time I put something into my body!
Laurie G. from San Francisco East Bay

I was meaning to email you today to let you know how I am doing. Whatever you did on Tuesday has had a marked effect on my experience. On Monday and Tuesday before my appointment I was depressed, heavy, no energy, blah or agitated. After the treatment I did feel clearer and lighter and in the past 2 days I noticed I felt more "back to normal" when working. I actually felt some excitement and creativity come up around a project I am working on, which is a real contrast to the earlier state.
Kelly K. from San Francisco East Bay

Goodness is slipping in on me and it just keeps getting better. Just wanted you to know. I am laughing and really thinking more clearly. You are a gem!
Linda C. from Vallejo CA

I just wanted you to know that my heartburn has tremendously improved in just a week.  Also my sleep is better, my eyes are brighter, and skin is softer.  It is a GREAT beginning and I really appreciate your help so much.
Lisa C. from San Francisco East Bay

Thank you for the care you have given me and the thoroughness of your reports.  I am so grateful and in awe of the depth of your knowledge.  I am excited about my future and my ongoing, evolving health.
Betsy C. San Francisco South Bay

I wanted to say thank you again because I have been feeling WONDERFUL the past week. I noticed the results of the gluten-free diet almost immediately and my knee has been pain free for two day!
Shay B. from Hawaii

I want to thank you for the incredible work you do. As I said, I intuitively knew so much of what you said to me and yet had no way to address any of it. In that space all I can do is chalk it up to "the aging process". I so appreciate the depth and breadth, enthusiasm, commitment and compassion with which you do your work. It's a gift.
Franc S. from Marin County CA

Just to let you know ....... I have had an amazing improvement. I have regained a lot of neurological function, the chronic fatigue and pain is absent and the brain fog has lifted ...... I wake up each morning alert and well rested, ready to get on with the day. It's good to be back in the land of the living! Thanks for your help!
Kim G. from San Diego CA

I am doing just great!!!! I sleep so well at night, no more anxiety at all,and I feel amazing. I still have a tremor in my leg and a bit of a sore shoulder but that is just a little to deal with, i feel blessed to be doing this good again. So thank you, thank you. I tell everyone that you sure did your magic on me.
Jan W. from Michigan

Thank you SO SO much for the TBM. It was amazing.  Last night I felt the best I had felt for 3 months.  I felt strong and capable and had NO anxiety.  I LOVE TBM.  And all the muscle testing is amazing.  
And thank you for your words:  I'm going to write it on a yellow sticky and put it on my wall:  "I am stronger than Lyme, I will prevail"!! 
Laylee O. from Los Angeles, CA

Many thanks again for your thorough and skillful work. I feel like I'm going to the Mayo Clinic of alternative medicine!
Marjorie K. from Marin County, CA

Words cannot express my gratitude for what you have done in assisting with our health improvements. I know that the follow up written documents are very burdensome, but I will tell you again how important they are for us. I feel that these are like roadmaps to help us take control of what we have learned from the sessions with you. And I think they continue to play a huge role in guiding us toward what you are seeing with all of our noticeable improvements. Again many thanks for all you do Patrik!
John E. from Hawaii

THANK YOU for your healing work and energy, they have made an incomparable difference.
Kay CS. from Marin County CA

I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I appreciate all your advise, assistance, suggestions, and bodywork. I feel very grateful to know you ! It is invaluable and I can't thank you enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support!
Jane E. from San Francisco

Lyme follow up. I wanted to give you a brief check in since our last session. The reboot you did really helped to strengthen my immunity. I have taken the botanicals faithfully every day and it is amazing to feel how just three drops can have such an effect. No more aching, stiffness, shooting pains or fatigue. In fact I have more energy than I've had in over a year. Thanks for everything. I'm actually feeling human again.
Art G. from San Francisco East Bay 

Patrik is a magician!
After a fall, I was literally unable to sit, without excruciating pain, for nine months. Thanks to his mastery of many different therapeutic techniques, he was able to use  a combination of these to return my life to normal. Thank you, Patrik!
Jane L. from Oakland CA

I came to see Patrik Rousselot due to chronic colds and sinus infections.  I had already run the gamut of traditional medicine approaches including several surgeries.  Since I was still sick and could not seem to fight off infections, I decided to try alternative medicine.  How fortunate I was that a friend recommended Patrik. 
I improved so much and was even able to overcome infections without antibiotics.  My immune system was reinvigorated and I felt so much better.  I was able to travel and not miss any work even with all of the germs from my students. What I love most about Patrik is that he really cares about his patients.
Donna C. from Walnut Creek CA

In many ways it is hard to put into words exactly what Patrik does. It is energetic work on a level that I have not experienced before. He utilizes a very sophisticated system for muscle testing to identify and heal imbalances in the body.  The work is subtle and extremely powerful. Everyone that I know personally who has seen Patrik for treatment of Lyme has had an amazingly positive response.  He is a true healer and his system is so sensitive and inarguably accurate.
I have had relief from so many chronic Lyme symptoms ranging from fatigue, digestive problems, severe back and musculoskeletal pain, nervous system problems, imbalances in hormones etc. Despite the fact that I have a very low Stricker Panel score I continue to feel better than I have in years.
I have worked with so many different practitioners over the years and feel that Patrik's system for healing is the most subtle, powerful and effective system I have worked with.
Terri M. from Marin County CA

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