Healing from GMOs and Roundup

Healing from GMOs and Roundup present in pretty much ALL conventional (non organic) food !

What you can do to protect your and your family’s health, and reverse the damage done from years of exposure. This interview series includes information not presented anywhere else, and is hosted by the internationally recognized, leading non-GMO educator, Jeffrey M. Smith.

Six Session educational series featuring the following experts:

  • Carey Gillam, Leading Investigative Reporter on Monsanto
  • David Sandoval and Endre Nagy, Leading Researchers and Developers in Natural Health
  • Dr. Zach Bush, Triple Board Certified Physician and Researcher
  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan, “Sherlock Holmes” for Chronic Disease and Metabolic Disorders
  • Karen Diggs, Nutritionist and Founder & Chief Fermentation Officer of Kraut Source
  • Jeffrey M. Smith, Founder and Director of Institute for Responsible Technology

Learn how to:
-  Close the gaps in our leaky gut walls, reducing inflammation and creating the best environment for health;
- Grow and nourish our healthy gut bacteria, which is the very basis of a strong immune system and powerful, sustainable energy;
- Replenish our essentials minerals, the building blocks our bodies rely upon;
-  Restore the essential communication between our cells, which is much more important than we even knew about until now.

As people learn about GMO dangers, change their diets, they see their health soars.

Video Interviews with the experts will become available for viewing at 9am Pacific each day Wednesday, November 29th -- Monday, December 4th (except for Sunday, December 3rd). Then on Tuesday, December 5th at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern Jeffrey Smith will hold a LIVE Q&A session where you can get your questions answered. The recording of that session will be available within 24 hours.

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