June 2016

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GMO one of the biggest threat to your health

* GMO one of the biggest threat to your health:
Nearly three-quarters of all the processed food consumed by Americans contains GMOs, but the vast majority of people are completely unaware of this because there are no GMO labeling laws and all efforts to enact GMO labeling laws thus far have failed due to enormous financial and political pull big agra multinationals like Monsanto have on Washington.
GMO foods constitute a major threat to our health and are more than likely a huge contributor to the epidemic increase of autoimmune and degenerative diseases. Multiple scientific animal studies have proven the dire health impact GMO food can have on health including cancer and multiple organ failures.
A picture is worth a thousand words, look at the pictures from this
article going over the whole GMO issue and the results of the latest animal study released on September 2012 from feeding lab rats exclusively GMO food for 2 years !

GMO feed and tumors in lab rats

If GMO food can do this to rats, what about us ?

Information & knowledge = personal power & choice.

- Visit www.responsibletechnology.org for information on the many dangers of GMO foods from a health, economic and environmental perspective with practical steps you can take in your daily life to avoid them.

- For additional articles on GMO use the search engine on this site and just type GMO: http://www.mercola.com/
- Print this Non GMO shopping guide: http://mercola.fileburst.com/PDF/GMObrochure.pdf